A Taoist altar is a sacred place and ceremonial forms for Taoists to cultivate, practice their magic works and dedicate oneself to Tao. It is the place for meditation, prayer, offering, sacrifice, remembrance of ancestors. Devout worship gives expression to the sacred in our hearts. With having the Alter at your home, the external representation of both Taoist cosmology and of the Internal Alchemical will process the practitioner undergoes on the path to Immortality. The specific arrangement of the altar varies from sect to sect and takes different forms also according to the particular ritual or ceremony that is being enacted. There are certain objects represent certain meaning which should be included as a basic set. 


Taoist Altar is spiritually-empowered only when the Deity Statues are consecrated. Spiritually-empowered Taoist Altar is a must have for Folks who want to have his home to be blessed by the Deities. Only spiritually empowered Taoist Altar can protect the family from Evil Spirits, get rid of Black Magic Attack and bring prosperity and wealth into home, office, and business.

At my presentation in the gallery, I transformed some special items with my visual language and created the altar to show my audience the idea of a Taoism environment, which I believe it made more senses to what I have designed for this project. It is not about to believe in religion, it is the idea of inheriting the essence of culture which was created for people thousands of years ago. Environment lives in a 3D space, it is the most direct way for people to get to know this very different lifestyle which already co-exists with people in China for a very long time. It is also space formed the activities and lifestyle and even the belief of Taoism culture, or any kind of culture in the world. That is why I created those presentation altars by hand besides my main focus design.