Pigsy Talismans are considered "Yin" Talismans, meaning Talismans that call upon the power from the negative side/ underworld/hell. In Taoist Sorcery/ Black Magic, PIGSY (Zhu BaJie,猪八戒) is revered as Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神), meaning "Pig Brother God". The unenlightened version of Pigsy God is always invited(or summon) during Taoist Black Magic Rituals so that magic can proceed, regardless of whether it is white or black. Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神) is very often invoked for the task to make a guy lust over a girl. Girls and Women are the ones who seek the help of Black Magic Taoist Master to use Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神) to make a guy or guys to lust over them for whatever reason or purpose.

Tu Di Gong is a Chinese Earth God worshipped by Chinese folk religion worshippers and Taoists. In China, every village had a shrine to Tu Di Gong, who is believed to be in charge of administering the affairs of a particular village. Tu Di Gong is still worshipped by many Chinese in modern times, with many housing small shrines with his image, commonly located under the main altar, or below the house door. Many worshippers supplicate with the intention of gaining wealth or maintaining their physical health. He is also traditionally worshipped before the burial of deceased persons to thank him for using his land to return their bodies to the earth.

Liu Hai was a Minister of State during the 10th century in China. Liu Haichan gained his distinctive sobriquet because he is usually pictured with a three-legged toad, Chan Chu, as a symbol of fortune. This particular toad was the reincarnated spirit of Liu Hai’s father, a greedy petty official whose human life was spent squeezing peasants for money.  One day Liu Hai peered into a ruined well and saw the toad, he dangled a string of money down the well.  The greed of his previous life could not be left behind and the toad grabbed the coins with his mouth.