From the very beginning of the process, I got a lot of help from people who work different areas, lives in cities. Most of them I never met before this project! I could not do this without all the generous help, caring and contribution. I appreciated every single second you spent on me, that is the most valuable thing, which is the time, you shared with me and I will never forget forever! 

My best friend said this to me when I ask her to model for my project, “it is the project make me wanna be part of it, you have got an interesting project.” I received too much love this time when I try to get help from all those amazing human beings, then I realized that even we live in a consuming driving society, the trust between people is still there if we have trust in our heart to the world. The beautiful people and things will show up, you will start to look at the world again, and think- what a wonderful world we are living in!


There always lacks the words to express how appreciated you are, but the memory will help me to lock down the positions of people who have been extremely genuine and nice to me. I know I could not pay back to people will all I have now, but your names will definitely come to the priority in the future if you need me in whatever ways! Here below is the list of people who contributed to this project: